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What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Our speech therapists use professional techniques to improve speech clarity and teach oral structural placement to clients who struggle to produce or imitate speech sounds using traditional auditory or visual input. We focus on giving you or your child the necessary tools and strategies needed to communicate their needs, ideas, and thoughts to the world.

Together we will determine individualized goals and a plan of action according to you or your child’s needs. Our speech-language pathologists will work closely with you, the parents, and additional caregivers throughout therapy, ensuring everyone is working together towards the primary goal.


Speak Out!  | Rodriguez Speech

Parkinson's Disease

•Reduced volume

•Hoarse-sounding vocal quality

•Frequent throat clearing

•Trailing off at the end of sentences

•Inconsistent voice sounds 

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic condition that affects the nervous system and slowly worsens over time. Although there is no known cure, there are different modalities to manage symptoms—as opposed to slowing or reversing the progression of the disease.  

Speech disorder symptoms associated with Parkinson’s

Speak Out!  | Rodriguez Speech

What is SPEAK OUT!® therapy?

SPEAK OUT!® therapy is an intervention designed for individuals with Parkinson’s. 

If you are experiencing any of the speech difficulties listed above, or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, a speech-language pathologist trained in the SPEAK OUT! therapy (a SPEAK OUT! Provider) will perform an evaluation, which is recommended sooner rather than later. Early intervention is essential to minimize future swallowing difficulties, as the same muscle group is responsible for both speaking and swallowing. 


Parkinson’s patients who complete SPEAK OUT! therapy generally experience improvement in symptoms in a matter of days.

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