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We are the parents of a little 3 year old boy name Ian, since he said his first words, mommy noticed his tongue was not moving up or to the sides when trying to talk, he had a history of problems with latching when breastfeeding and was at the beginning of his social and language development when COVID hit us. 

Daddy started to concern about language when he noticed Ian was able to comprehend and follow instructions in the 3 different languages our little one was hearing (Spanish, English and French) but, only saying one or two words when for his age he needed a lot more, every one else keep telling us he seem ok, that he just need it more time.

After a lot of requests for a referral, the pediatrician finally send it and we started looking for a speech therapist. It took us around 6 months to find a place where we felt heard and that really care not only for Ian’s language (number of words and phrases he knew), they care about his parents, his social-emotional learning, his eating and sleeping patrons and his physical activity, in Rodriguez Speech Therapy we found someone that listens, cares and observes our child in all aspects of his life. Now we know he has tongue tide, but also we are sure we are in the path to help him improve and get the milestone in each of his development areas according to his age of growing. Ian is a complete different child now, totally independent y home and school, working on making phrases of 4-6 words and making connections about everything he hears, sees and plays with, we know it is going to take time, but with the support of the ladies in therapy we could make it, I believe we have made a great team.

-Sara Garcia

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