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Why Rodriguez Speech and Myofunctional Therapy?

Our greatest value is continuing education from our professionals to support the whole patient. Our licensed professionals facilitate comprehensive evaluations and look for underlying causes that may impede progress in obtaining the correct resting oral posture, mature swallow pattern, and clarity of speech.

Each member of our team is carefully selected, and is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest therapy techniques, getting results, and increasing you or your child’s quality of life.

Speech and


✔ Expressive and Receptive Language Therapy

✔ Oral Placement Therapy

✔ Auditory Processing

✔ Stuttering Therapy 

✔ PROMPT Therapy



✔ Improper Swallowing

✔ TMD therapy

✔ Lip Tie/Tongue Tie

✔ Tongue Thrust Therapy

Feeding and

 ✔ Picky Eating

✔ Poor Weight Gain

✔ Swallowing


 ✔ Dysphagia

 ✔ Strengthen Muscles 

 ✔ Safety First


 ✔  SPEAK OUT!® therapy

 ✔ Speaking 

 ✔ Swallowing 

 ✔ Motor symptoms 

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With our curated FAQs and resources, you will receive great preparatory information that will answer your initial questions.

Dedicated speech clinic specializing in speech disorders, feeding, swallowing, and myofunctional therapy in Corinth, Texas

As a fully devoted speech therapy clinic in Corinth, Texas, we are a community-based clinic that will support you in all things related to speech and orofacial myofunctional disorders. 

We offer convenient in-office, telepractice, or hybrid services to support your personalized needs.


Rodriguez speech therapy has been a wonderful therapy experience. Rhonda and Jacquelyn have partnered with my family and have celebrated with us every beautiful new milestone my daughter has met since starting speech therapy. My daughter has blossomed in her speech. I’m so thankful to have found Rodriguez Speech Therapy on our speech journey. I feel I have found people who really care about my family. They tailor fit a plan that works the best for each person individually both meeting them where they are but also encouraging them to grow ! I will always recommend and encourage everyone needing this type of service to come to here! 

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