Dr. Richard Baxter, DMD DS

How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Feeding, Speech, and More is an exhaustive and informative guide to this misunderstood affliction. This book demystifies tongue-ties and spells out how this condition can be treated comprehensively, safely and comfortably.

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Tongue ties can affect eating and feeding, especially in infants.

Tongue tie, also known as Ankyloglossia, occurs when the frenulum underneath the tongue is overdeveloped to the point that it restricts tongue movement. This can cause both speech and feeding problems. A tongue tie release is usually necessary to remediate the problem.

Common, yet little understood, tongue-ties can lead to a myriad of problems, including difficulty when nursing, speaking or eating. In the most crucial and formative parts of children’s lives, tongue-ties have a significant effect on their well-being. Many parents and professionals alike want to know what can be done, and how best to treat these patients and families.

Come see me today if you are having problems with nursing or eating. You may have a tongue tie and I can help!